The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

Is this the time to share love, faith, hope and joy? What is the spirit of charity? We don't each have a million dollars in our wallet. But we can help in a much bigger way. As once said in a movie, "pay it forward!" :)

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Draw A Dream

Children drawing and having fun at Draw A Dream activity.

Children drawing and having fun at Draw A Dream activity.

Draw A Dream

Draw A Dream is part of the Youth Expedition Program 2010 held in Chang Zhi, Shanxi China from 10 to 26 October 2010 where Cale and sixteen friends from various backgrounds volunteered to teach at two local primary schools.

This drawing activity, immensely popular amongst the children, is a remarkable platform for everyone to share and express their views of the world and themselves. A total of 208 children participated from the two local primary schools.

Article from Soka Gakkai International (SGI):
SSA Youth Volunteer at Chinese Primary Schools.

Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation Charity Dinner and Auction


Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation
Charity Dinner and Auction

In aid of the Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF), the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) organised a charity dinner event on 27 March 2010. Four art pieces and a program were donated for auction and around $15K was raised with all proceedings going towards the CCF. One of the art pieces auctioned was Cale's painting titled "Rebirth".

Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation's
January - March 2010 Issue of Tribute (PDF, 5mb).

(Water-colour & mixed medium on canvas, 70cm x 91cm)

This painting is inspired by the following quote by Nichiren Dashonin, a Buddhist monk:

"Plants and trees are withered and bare in autumn and winter, but when the sun of spring and summer shines on them, they put forth branches and leaves, and then flower and fruit. The withering fallen leaves and changing hue of autumn in this painting signify the state we are in before attaining enlightenment and rebirth. The trees will be bare soon but hope abounds as the promise of spring and summer awaits".

Cale and the Singapore Soka Association Calendar

SSA 2010 Calendar being sold at the SSA Book Fair.

Singapore Soka Association Calendar

Cale has been invited by the Singapore Soka Association (SSA) to contribute twelve of her artworks to be featured in their SSA 2010 Calendar. Five thousand copies of the calendar have been printed to be distributed and sold to support SSA's new building fund from mid-October 2009 onwards.